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Pek-Snack ltd. is one of the largest bakery franchises, which offers its customers a whole range of fresh and delicious bakery products every day.

The company has been producing frozen bakery products since 1998. Pek-Snack ltd. was originally a family business registered in Hungary, but in 2015 it was taken over by the financial and investment group Oriens.

The production of Pek-Snack® products takes place in an automated factory on 6000 m2, in accordance with the conditions of the strictest standards of the European Union (HACCP, ISO 22 000, ISO 50001, IFS).

Fresh, tasty, versatile – that’s Pek-Snack. You can count on delicious products at any time of the day and on any occasion: on the way to school, in the cafeteria or during dinner.

Sweet and savory bakery products are top quality, practical and quick, and thanks to our Fit product line, they can also be part of a balanced diet. Products from the FitActive line are also suitable for everyone who lives an active and healthy life

The only franchise offer that includes complete facility equipment, a superior and innovative portfolio without paying a franchise fee.

We single out from the offer

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